Tech Talks and Isaac Abraham’s “Taming Types in the Cloud”

At headquarters in Hoboken, we have a weekly Tech Talk where we have live speakers talking about a variety of topics, or we watch a suggested tech-related video as a group to engage in casual, fun learning.

In November 2016, Isaac Abraham joined us to give a live presentation on “Taming Types in the Cloud.” We’re sharing the video of his talk here, so we hope you’ll take a look. Thank you to Isaac for getting us talking and thinking!


About Isaac:

As the founder of Compositional IT, Isaac helps organizations and teams benefit from functional programming. He’s a Microsoft MVP in F# and .NET. He’s on Twitter @isaac_abraham if you want to follow him (we sure do!).

He has a book, Learn F#, being published very soon. We use F# extensively at, so I’m sure that we’ll be adding it to our library (yes, we have a physical library in addition to other learning resources).

Learning is Routine

In order to stay innovative as a company, we challenge ourselves to think and engage in learning and training as a part of our routine, not as a random event. Talks like this are just part of what we do in order to bring outside innovation in so that we can learn and grow together, push boundaries personally and as a company. A huge thank you to Isaac for giving this presentation at Jet and being a part of our process to try to stay creative and think outside the box.

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  1. I always like to listen to Isaac, but I say: always use the mic; it’s about the audience — live and online. πŸ™‚

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