Experience Report: F# Community Code Sprint

At Jet, we thrive on teamwork and collaboration so hosting the F# Community Code Sprint on Saturday, June 19th was a slam dunk. We hacked, fixed, and created with the active members of the F# community covering topics such as experimental methods and strategy, writing blog posts and talks, working on open source and more.

CodeSprint1Along with the group of fellow F# users and JetHeads, we were joined by machine learning researcher and active F# speaker, Evelina Gabasova. Evelina further discussed the use of data science to analyze books and scripts following her previous talk with us, “Data Science Meets Star Wars: The F#orce Awakens”.

Saturday’s highlights included conversations on the subject of controlled experiments, something Jet is working on to allow us to assess the effectiveness of different ranking formulas for search. We also had fun putting Evelina’s techniques from her Friday talk to practice by analyzing plots and character interactions from Game of Thrones. We look forward to hosting at the hanger again soon. Check out our MeetUp page for upcoming events!