Zach Carroll Teaches at Startup Institute

Thanks to our Zach Carroll, a new cohort of the Startup Institute, folks are learning JavaScript! He spent the last couple days teaching an intro level class on JavaScript, focusing on Objects, Arrays, and Functions.

Zach started out as a student in their Product and Design track a few years ago — it’s where he got his start as a developer! Since then, he’s tried to stay involved with the organization. First, by serving as an alumni committee co-chair and later, by teaching both the introductory class and the JavaScript module on Objects, Arrays, and Functions. He loves giving back to the community that helped him in his career, as well as helping others through that ‘A-ha! moment’. He also notes that teaching is a great way to test his own ability to verbalize software development and JavaScript concepts!

Startup Institute describes their teachers as “leading practitioners in the industry” — we think that fits Zach to a “T”.

What is Startup Institute?

Startup Institute runs an 8-week immersive program that teaches fundamentals in one of four categories — Web Design, Web Development, Technical Marketing and Sales and Account Management — combined with a core curriculum covering important topics such as emotional intelligence and culture skills. This approach, combined with extensive networking opportunities, means that 92% of their students have new jobs within 100 days of completing the program.