Creating a Virtual Reality Experience for Remote Candidates

Our founder, Marc Lore, has said before that Jet is a technology company at its core. We’re big fans of creating a technological solution to a problem. Case in point: We think our office environment is pretty unique and honestly, downright fabulous. So, we’d like remote candidates to experience it as soon as possible…but how?


A virtual reality office tour!

This morning we’ve brought a film crew into the office to capture an average day at The Hangar, so that we can build a virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift. Once we’re up and running, we’ll be able to send our next wave of remote candidates an Oculus Rift, with instructions for how to work the controls and an included movie with a few key scenes of the office. We’ll let you be a fly on the wall in a couple meetings; walk throughout the office, observing many of our teams as we work; as well as explore the Hoboken riverfront just outside the office.

We can’t wait to show this to you!