NYC Code Camp is October 10th!

Are you ready for a full day of incredible content from the New York City tech community for only $10? Code Camp NYC will be held October 10th at the Microsoft Offices in midtown! There’s nearly a full F# track, with talks from our own Rachel Reese on Building Reactive Services using Functional Programming and Troy Kershaw on Composable UIs in Xamarin with F#, plus talks from both Paulmichael Blasucci and Matt Hawkins.

What is a Code Camp?

If you haven’t attended, or heard of, code camps previously, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. According to the Code Camp Wikipedia page:

  • Code Camp is a form of an unconference. Originally begun as a Microsoft-slanted take on BarCamp, but not strictly limited to the Microsoft Windows or .NET platforms.
  • Code Camps are free to attend. Code Camps do not take place during the typical work week. Code Camps do not disclose attendee contact information to sponsors.
  • Like most unconferences, Code Camps are about your local or regional development community. Presenters are typically members of the community. Presentation topics are suggested by attendees and often presented by those who originally suggest them.

Make sure you register soon! Tickets will go quickly.