F# Gotham! NY’s New F# Conference is Coming October 17th.

It’s not autumn in NYC without an F# conference! So we invented F# Gotham, an all-day event taking place at our own JetHangar in Hoboken. We’re gathering October 17th to hear from such experts as Phil Trelford, Andrea Magnorsky, Charles Petzold, Jon Harrop, Jack Pappas, and Riccardo Terrell.

We’re starting the day with two workshops:

  • one for folks who have never seen F# before & are looking to get quickly up and running
  • the other is for folks looking to sharpen their F# skillset.

So whether you’re new to F# or an old-hat willing to share the F# love, we’re looking forward to meeting you! Register quickly before the early bird tickets run out!