Jet’s Weekly Tech Talk Series

One lovely afternoon in mid-March, back in the old days of Jet (i.e., when we were still located in our Montclair, NJ offices), our awesome Jim Wallace took the initiative to start organizing weekly tech talks. Originally, we had envisioned gathering to simply watch a conference video that we all wish we’d seen live. We took a quick vote on Slack and it was decided that our inaugural video would be Bart de Smet’s Cloud-scale Event Processing using Rx. We even threw in some company-sponsored pizza to make it more fun! πŸ˜‰

As we continued selecting videos, Jim whipped up a submission and voting site on Azure to figure out each week’s videos. We aimed for a mix of topics such as focusing on F# (of course!), DDD, Event-processing and microservices.


We ended up loving it so much that sticking with one of our core values — transparency — we quickly expanded the repertoire to include live talks from our own engineers.

Ido gave a talk on the product he’s been building for us, Torch.


Later Leo covered the Anatomy of F# Async for us.


Once we moved to our fabulous new Hoboken office, we expanded our lineup even more. We had Tomas Petricek, an important member of the F# community, teach us about Functional Library Design.




Also, Daniel Lerro, from the US Secret Service(!), gave a fascinating talk covering cybercrimes.


The tech talks were so inspirational that Jet has since expanded them to be company-wide (and with better food than just pizza!). This week we’re looking forward to hearing from the marketing team! They’ll share their upcoming strategy for launch with the rest of us.

Check out the #jettechtalk tag for future talks!