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Jet Sponsors the F# Software Foundation!

What is the F# Software Foundation?

The F# Software Foundation is a community-run, non-profit corporation that aims to promote and benefit the F# Programming Language. It began in 2012, and was organized formally into a non-profit in late 2014.

For more information on the F# Software Foundation, including additional history, to read the mission statement or view their latest board meeting minutes, visit the site.

Have you become a member yet?

Why should Jet sponsor the F# Software Foundation?

We here at Jet have proudly embraced F# because of the many advantages we’ve experienced when working with the language. As soon as we heard the F# Software Foundation was in the process of becoming a formal organization in order to more robustly support the F# language, we knew we wanted to encourage their endeavor however we could. Since one of our stated goals at Jet is to “share the F# love”, and to build the community as we expand, it was a natural fit! We learned this past week that Sponsor Levels had been determined and voted on, and we chose to sponsor at the Gold Level.

We can’t wait to see how the Foundation will grow.